V113: Photos from The Steampunk Expo, Reno

Apr 22, 2012 8 comments

Yesterday the local Reno Steampunk club, High Desert Steam, held its first annual "Biggest Little Steampunk Expo."  The idea was to kick off a Summer season of Steampunk events - movie nights, picnics, workshops - leading up to our big September extravaganza, the Victorian Steampunk Ball of Piper's Opera House, by raising community awareness and excitement about the Steampunk movement, and introduce them to what Reno has to offer in the way of clothing, accessories, and jewelry vendors.

The event was a huge success, with well over 200 people through the door.  The vendors did well, we raised a little money for our club, and we even hosted two of the three local news networks, who took footage of the fashion show and general hubbub.

Here are a few snaps of the day...
We had many vendors selling all kinds of cool stuff.
During the invitational fashion show, Angie wowed the crowd in her Japanese-inspired Steampunk ensemble.
The "Steam Tea" service was catered by Edible Alchemy, the incredible treat-stylings of Leslie.
Delightful and creative accessories were available, such as this necklace made from antique doll parts.
Maya, the littlest Steampunk, offered chocolate-covered brownies made to look like top hats and goggles, for Edible Alchemy
The Melting Pot, Reno's main hot-spot for Burning Man and Steampunk attire, provided tabbed-out mannequins, and beautiful models for the fashion show.
Hats from The Melting Pot, everything from traditional top hats to tiny bowlers
On display were some truly incredible modified antique firearms
...and people actually came!


  1. Were there lots of people in costume who weren't sellers?

    1. Yes! Many people came in costume, participated in the fashion show even. It was a great event!

  2. I can't wait until next year, now that the word is out and we were on TV. It was alot of fun and my favorite part was seeing all the creativity everyon brought to the party!
    Lisa Fisher

  3. So exciting! I'm already so behind schedule for my costume for Steampunk World's Fair in New Jersey in May that this might help light a fire under my bum! ;)

    1. Do post some photos somewhere when you've got your costumes together :-)

    2. I definitely will! Here's last year's set for anyone interested. I'm the first photo with many to follow after that. http://www.flickr.com/photos/reneesance/5749852011/in/set-72157626662422747/

  4. Lovely! Do you have more photos of the japanese inspired outfit?

  5. Hi, can anybody explain what is meant by the term "burning man"? Google just tells me that it is a festival. I don't see what it has to do with steampunk.


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