1790s Jacket Progress: So Near Yet So Far!

Aug 16, 2009 12 comments
Here it is, the update on the 1790s stripey jacket, as promised!

There really wasn't and isn't much left to do on this piece. Tonight I set the sleeves, sewed some boning channels into the stomacher, stitched on the collar, and painted the wooden buttons silver.

Remaining is to sew all those buttonholes and install the buttons. Place the boning. Bind the bottom edge and cuffs. Interior finishing. Then voile!

No boning in the stomacher yet - it will be secured with large silver buttons.

I was pleased to see that the hat I made for the 1790s linen robe works just fine for this outfit too! It's not ideal, but it actually looks quite nice, and I like the contrast of the yellow with the green ribbon...very colorful :-)

I will have to do something about my skirt, like WASH it, to start, then create another petticoat to froof it out. This will possibly be quilted or a tiered ruffley one. Anything will help, as it's quite flat (and dirty!) currently.

There is one problem you can't see in the photos - the neckline of the jacket is way wide and the corset straps stick out right at the top of my shoulders. You can't see it because the mass of hair covers it, but I know it's there, so I'm thinking of some way to fix this - a fichu, perhaps, or loosen the straps and move them out to the shoulders a bit more...?

Once the bottom edge is turned up and the boning is in, the back should be nice and wrinkle-free.

Disclaimer for photos: Boyfriend took these!!! /sigh


  1. LOOK AT YOU GO!!!!!

    That looks FANTASTIC!!!!! Im glad you worked on it :p

    you could always make a big ol gold bow at the neck to tie it in wif the hat, which looks awesome btw.
    I cannot wait to see this totally done.

    (GAW! that WIG!!)

  2. FTW! It's getting there...just have to overcome my intrepid laziness and finish the darn thing, maybe tonight...

  3. Sooo talented, Lauren, I'll have to pay you to do me a Halloween wig - the one in my profile pic tangled instantly I took it out the packet!!

  4. Hey just happened upon your blog yesterday and I love it! I've been enjoying reading up on all the archives. Anyway, your jacket is lovely! and the hat and the wig!!! I can't wait for that video tutorial :)

  5. It's fabulous! And it looks great on, wonderful work!

  6. Thanks ladies! Welcome Annamae, I'm happy to meet you! I'll have to get moving on that tutorial; I've been horrible about editing it up, but I'll get back to work on it!

  7. Is this based on the Kyoto one? Either way, it's gorgeous!!

  8. It looks great! I'm excited to see the finished product :-)

  9. This is just lovely! I did not even realize that was a wig...is it? great work!


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