Rococo-Inspired Feather Headbands

Ok, I know. I’ve been REALLY bad about updating this blog, after you all came to read it. I promise, PROMISE you an updated TONIGHT on the red-striped jacket I’ve been neglecting right up until I have a mere week to finish it.

For right this very second, though, I have to write more about feathers. As you all know, I’m captivated by feathers, the same way other creatures are mesmerized by shiny objects. To me, there is possibly nothing more wonderful, delightful, and beautiful than a feather. That being said, I have been thrilled to see feathers working their way back into the mainstream with those lovely little feather headbands that are trendy right now. What a perfect retro, even “antique” touch to an outfit. It lends an air of sophistication to even just jeans and t-shirt.

But have you seen the PRICE on those things!? It’s ridiculous! I do know that feathers are expensive, even wholesale, so I undertook to make a few prototypes of these headbands to see if it will be possible to make them (myself) to sell for a REASONABLE price through the new American Duchess clothing line.

I win. And here are those very same prototypes for you. I am not posting these in an effort to get you to buy them, since I know you all to be crafty girls and boys. I only want to show off my handiwork and pat myself on my feathered little back 🙂 I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

And if, by chance, you DO want to purchase one, they’re for sale in the American Duchess Etsy shop (click those colorful words!).

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