Amadeus Award: Five 18th c. Blogs I Can’t Live Without

Time for me to pass on this wonderful award that was given to me a little while ago by Mrs. Woffington. So here goes…

This award, originally bestowed by Wolfgang Amade Mozart (the blog), has been gracing the web since 1998, and follows the fashion that it is to be given to 5 blogs “dedicated to the 18th century and which demonstrated through their content and appearance the style and grace of that period in history.”

1) The Lady of Portland House – Lauren has a lot of other subjects on her blog, but her dedication to the costume of the 18th c., her amazing sewing skills, and her delightful-looking outings and picnics make this one of my go-to blogs for costume inspiration.

2) Costumes, Cats, And the 18thc. Century – Madame de Berg. We love her, particularly for creating our new beloved FORUM! She deserves the award for being a mover and shaker of internet costuming knowledge.

3) 18th Century Blog – this is an excellent source for SO MUCH information, from paintings and portraits, to exhibitions, costuming, everything! Plus Johanna has some MAD sewing skills, and is just so…so…perfect.

4) Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire – the blog. Almost certainly this one has been elected, but I’ll do it again. I love this site because it’s so accessible to people with varying interests in the 18th c. The articles are interesting, concise, and broad in subject matter.

5) Fuschia’s 18th c. Dress – lots of great information, and detailed too. All kinds of things – videos, how to tie bows, making 18th c. shoes. Useful and lovely.

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