Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot Pre-Order Now Open!

What a thrilling day it is, because our Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot pre-order is now officially on! We are VERY excited to be releasing this collection, which contains some very unique and dreamy Victorian/Edwardian styles: the (aptly named) Waltz Slippers, Foxtrot Pumps, and Tango Boots!

With this collection, we wanted to capture the glamour of the evenings wherein one might have worn these types of shoes back in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. We think it’s safe to say it fits the bill! These styles are so evocative and interesting, and certainly have a little bit of spice. Let’s meet them, shall we?


Behold, the scandalous, the sensual, the sumptuous, Tango Edwardian Boots! Or should we say, Tango 2.0, for those who have been around for a while. This gorgeous new Tango Boot was designed to replicate the unique lines and stylings of some original antique Tango Boots from the 1910s. They have the most deliciously curved shaft, which looks so sleek and delightfully period on the leg. The scalloped sides are laced through with lovely double-faced satin ribbon laces. Each pair of Tango comes with two pairs of these ribbon laces, for adjustability. Swap them with your own ribbons, or try a cord for an alternative period look. They show off the leg as perfectly as the originals were designed to!

Tango also comes with a brand-new, custom French heel that we have been working on behind the scenes. This 3.5″/ 8.9 cm is our tallest yet. Since it’s perfectly balanced, though, it is delightfully comfortable to wear. It makes Tango’s silhouette just to die for!

We’ve made Tango in black, soft white, sky blue, black cherry, silver, and antique gold. Stunning!


Foxtrot Pumps are like Tango’s cousin. These beautiful Edwardian shoes are based on the types of lace-up pumps that became all the rage in the 1910s, as the tango was sweeping through cultural spaces. Like Tango, they are designed to show off the leg, but in pump form rather than a boot. Accurate to 1910 through the 1920s, our Foxtrot has curvaceous lace-up tabs, which are threaded with matching double-faced satin ribbon laces.

One of our original references for our Foxtrot shoe!

Sleek in luminous satin, Foxtrot features our signature custom 2.5”/6.3” French heels. Get your Foxtrots in red, cobalt blue, black, soft white, ice blue, and champagne.


Last but not least, we have the Waltz Slipper. New Waltz Slippers are based on the classic slip-on pumps that peeked out from under skirt hems from the 1870s through the 1920s. While the originals could be found in heels of varying heights, we wanted ours to be low-heeled, for our friends who prefer that option. So, we developed a brand-new, 1.25”/ 3.1 cm custom French heel. This new heel is wonderfully stable, and still beautifully curved and elegant. It’s perfect for those who love a lower option!

We also wanted Waltz to channel the soft, glove-like nature of late Victorian/early Edwardian dancing slippers (but without being as delicate as the period originals). We chose an extremely soft and supple pebbled leather for Waltz, which conforms easily to the foot (for a fit like a glove.) Waltz has a soft toe (no toe box), for a period accurate silhouette. This splendid splicer also comes with a matching double-bow Petersham shoe clip, which is easily removable for versatile looks. With or without the bow, we think that Waltz is perfect for contemporary wear in addition to historical costuming/historical inspired looks. It’s got a ballet-core vibe to it, we think. So cute! Waltz is available in black, cream, peach, green, pale blue, and light gold.

Our Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot collection is on sale for $20/€20 off each pair from November 3-17 in our US and UK/EU stores. Ordering during our pre-order period is not just smart for saving money, but is also the best way to ensure you get your correct size and preferred color, as colors and sizes are capped after the pre-order sale ends! We expect them to be delivered in March/April of 2024. Now you just have to decide which to get!

Pre-Order is Open
November 3-17, 2023
$20/€20 Discount Per Pair

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