Photoshoot – Into The Woods

Over the past year, so many of us have felt a yearning for a more natural, peaceful life. I know I certainly have, and have spent more than a little time in the garden as an escape from the outside world of the pandemic. History-inspired country dresses, pinafores, and linen, linen, linen – I’m all about it!

These times are certainly to be marked down in history. There is much going on in this world, in this moment. So for a little sliver of rest, of peace, I hope you enjoy these photos.

In this shoot I wanted to explore a little outside the historical reenactment world, into cottage core fashion, and show that American Duchess shoes can be worn with a variety of aesthetics.

Our beautiful models – Shannise (@shannisemora) and Ingrid (@theingridstyle)
ShoesLondoner (cherry) and Bernadette (tan/ivory)
Dresses – Little Women Atelier (green) and Linennaive (blue)
Location – Rancho San Rafael Park, Reno, Nevada
Hair & Makeup – Kiss & Makeup Reno, Kristina Mckeegan Nierman
Photographer – yours truly


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