History is Cool: 1890s Belle Epoque Linen Summer Blouse

Hi all! Well, during this crazy time in human history I managed to start and actually finish one (1) project, an 1890s summer shirtwaist made in lovely white linen.

I’ve been wanting to make a leg o’mutton sleeve blouse (and jacket and sweater and…) for awhile, ever since succumbing heart and soul to the 1830s and discovering how ridiculously fun gigantic sleeves are to wear and floop around in.

I bought the TV494 1894 Shirtwaist pattern last year at Costume College and finally got around to making it. I even made a video! I hope you enjoy it:

All in all the blouse came out swell! There are things I’ll do differently next time (because let’s face it, there will be a next time…ALL the gigot sleeve blouses, please!), but I’m quite thrilled with how this project turned out.


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