Podcast Episode 28: Merging Royal Vintage & American Duchess

Yay! Welcome back to a whole new season of podcastery! It’s been awhile since we’ve done podcasts, but we get a lot of requests for them, so we thought we’d kick off this new season with some *business chat* – Royal Vintage merging with American Duchess and the whosits, whatsits, and whysits of that.

Also new this season, we’re putting our podcasts on Youtube! If you like to queue up a playlist on Youtube for sewing, add us in there so you can listen while you stitch. This is also a groovy way for us to show you images of things we’re talking about, particularly when the subject is quite visual (like bustles, coming up soon).

So we hope you enjoy this new season! Have a listen AND a watch here:

Or just have a listen here:

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