Think Pink Limited Edition Pre-Order

We have an extra-special mid-summer surprise for you all: our limited edition Think Pink mini-collection, available for two weeks only from July 21-August 4!

Ranitra @missgolden_lady looking FANTASTIC in her Lido Sandals in limited edition hot pink!

Pink is having a real moment this summer, and we at American Duchess have not been immune to it’s charm. We love the romantic, rosy, femme vibes of this color in all it’s glorious shades. So, we decided to create a special limited edition mini-collection in exclusive pink colorways! So, get your heels off the ground into Colette Edwardian Boots, Lilith Flapper Shoes, and Lido Vintage Sandals, now in three gorgeous hues of pink.

♬ You’re my doll, rock and roll, feel the glamor in pink


Colette is now available in perfectly pretty smooth leather in shell pink, with matching pink buttons! These beautiful Edwardian boots are perfect for floaty lingerie dresses and tea gowns, as well as sweet Lolita co-ords, and any outfit where a touch of history (in pink) is needed. Colette has a lovely shaped top and scalloped sides, and signature intricate cutouts. Our perfectly balanced Louis heel is famously comfortable, so no need to sacrifice beauty for comfort.

Our friend Elena @erenanaomi styles her pink Colettes perfectly. Will we ever be as cool as Elena? Maybe not, but we can try!


For some 1920s razzle-dazzle, we have Lilith Flapper Shoes in pink satin and metallic silver leather trim. Complete with a dainty rhinestone buckle, these glamorous T-straps are the evening shoe. Pair them with evening dress of the Art Deco period, from beaded frocks for wild dancing to shimmering gowns for midnight soirees. Or, they go wonderfully with modern wardrobes, because Lilith’s classic shape makes this shoe a super versatile time traveler!  The leather soles and well-balanced, not-too-high heel make Liliths the perfect dance shoes for all-night comfort and fun.

Ranitra @missgolden_lady styled her Liliths in this darling 1950s-inspired ensemble…perfection!

Though the antique shoe Lilith is based on was made in silk, our fabric shoes are made with a durable and cleanable polyester, the ideal choice for footwear built to last. Spritz your shoes with Angelus Water & Stain Repellent to keep them in good condition and looking swell.


Lido Vintage Sandals are now available in hot shocking pink! These splendid sandals will add the perfect pop of color to any ensemble. These pretty and practical shoes are closely based on an original late 1940s to early 1950s faux suede sandal in our collection. The design is perfectly balanced, made in a durable everyday material, with secure buckle straps and a tiny peep toe, making the Lidos perfect for dancing, walking, and lounging.

Ranitra @missgolden_lady in another stunning photo featuring her Lidos!

Built on our new 2.5 inch / 5.7 cm reproduction Cuban heel, the Lidos are soft and springy. Wear them for all occasions from the 1930s all the way through to the 1970s. Nothing beats a classic, comfy, and cute design like this! Faux suede is indeed the original material for this shoe! We’ve chosen a very high quality, easy to care for sueded fabric close to the original. Spritz your shoes with Angelus Water & Stain Repellent to keep them in good condition and looking swell.

The Think Pink Limited Edition mini-collection is available for TWO WEEKS ONLY! Snag yours by August 4, and you will receive a nice discount of $20/€20 per pair. Who needs a Dream House when you have a shoe collection, right?

Pre-Order is Open
July 21 – August 4, 2023
$20/€20 Discount Per Pair

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