Event: Henry Ford's 150th Birthday Party at the Nat'l Automobile Museum

Jul 31, 2013 9 comments
From a huge Duesenberg 
Warning: Lots of pictures of old cars.  I like old cars, and I like to take pictures of their shiny bits, so if cars don't interest you, this post may be dull.

Last night Mr. C and I attended Henry Ford's 150th birthday bash at Reno's National Automobile Museum downtown, along with my parental units.  See?

Mr. C came to an EVENT!?
  It seemed like an occasion to dress up, so I wore an awesome vintage dress that was a gift from Sharon R.  I don't know if this dress was a 1920s-altered-in-the1950s, or a 1950s-throwback-to-1920s, but after repairing the side zip and removing the front dart, it fit like a dream.

Blue dress, blue car - is it '20s, is it '50s? who knows!?
I worked my hair into a vaguely '20s waved style, with pincurls and my vintage wave clips I found at Sacramento Antiques Faire, though the wind in this town has a way of demolishing a carefully coiffed crown in a matter of minutes.

Sitting under the dryer, roasting the carefully set hair
Hair - taken at the end of the night.  Sorry it's a bit blurry.
The event was lovely - Mr. Ford was in attendance, talking about conspiracies and vanity and farmers and unions and how terrible General Motors is.  It was madly enjoyable.  There was cake.  It was a grand time. :-)

This is an engine.
This is my dad.
This is a Merce-drool-es
This is a wooden wheel.
Another view of the dress. I paired it with Gibsons in ivory, to go with the little white beads on the bodice.

After Mr. Ford's talk, Chris and I went shopping...


  1. You look fabulous. Love the your hair!!!!

  2. great post! and as a native Detroiter I appreciate your car photos too!

  3. You wear '20's so well. And that hair is fantastic!

  4. Oh what fun! Beautiful old cars. I will have to share this w/my hubby. He will love. :) You look gorgeous w/that hairdo dear! So classy! I will let you know once the interview goes live. Thank you for speaking with me. Have a wonderful weekend!

    [email protected]

  5. Oh, I bet you had a grand time. You looked so in vogue. Thanks for sharing Blessings, Paula

  6. Such a nice outfit! I love those wave clips, I wish I had more.


  7. "It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

    Henry Ford"

    If this was the "conspiracy", it is actually fact.

  8. But back to the topic at hand, you look really great!!! (^_^)

  9. Love the blog.. The British overcoat was my favorite


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