The Green Goblin - 1790s Dress - For Real This Time

Aug 8, 2018 8 comments
Nicole, me, and Samantha in our Regency gowns at Costume College 2018
I promised finished-dress-worn photos of this little devil of a 1790s project, so here goes...

I was quite pleased and surprised that this gown held together long enough to be worn at Costume College. I rinsed it out in the sink after JA Fest and the water turned green - always a bit terrifying - but the muddy hem washed out decently well and those shamelessly serged seam allowances kept the dress together through rinsing, mangling, drying, and ironing.

I don't hate it! I wore the dress with a ruffled shirt chemisette, little bow, a sash, and Lydia Fast bonnet - oh, please don't mind that long ribbon name tag badge thing. It's a Costume College thang.

Even though I had to cut the train off this gown, it drags just enough to be fun. I really like how the voile drapes, too, in those tiny tiny whipped gathers.
Friday at CoCo, during the day, seemed to be the unofficial Jane Austen Festival Survivor's day. A lot of beautiful 1790s and Regency gowns were walking around. I like to think of this period as "comfy historical."

Our Lydia Fast bonnet is a work of art. I don't think I will ever try to make a hat again, tbh - Lydia's work is just peak.
I wore the Lydia Fast 1790s bonnet made in emerald green silk and trimmed in pink, along with an emerald green sash Abby lent me. I liked the green-on-green tonal thing and wished I'd had more dark green accessories to play it up a bit more.

Abby ties good bows. We weren't sure this green would work with the light sage green dress but I really liked the multi-green tonal thing.
In the end, I quite like this gown. It's a good standby, very lightweight and easy to wear. I love the adjustability and options for changing up the look with accessories. I hope to wear it again soon!

Heeeeere's Abby!
I have *lots* more Costume College photos to share soon - stay tuned!


  1. The green on green, especially with summer heat, really does look lovely and fresh. Agreed on the gathering and drape, as well.

    It would be sad, though, if you didn't give us more of your hats! As glorious as this bonnet is, I've always liked the way you redesign headgear - your creativity is very literally inspiring, so please don't stop.

    1. Aw thanks! I have a whole mess of unblocked hoods at home waiting to be made into cloches, but cloches seem to be the only thing I'm good at making, lol! Structured hats like this one, made from buckram and wire, are a whole other level of skill and I really quite suck at it!

  2. What a gorgeous dress, the flow is really beautiful and the color is just stunning!

  3. It does look great :) I also happen to love 'ribbon cons' and you should give us a closer shot of your ribbon collection!

    1. I don't keep my tags after the event, but there are other bloggers who have shared photos of theirs. The ribbons were especially fun and plentiful this year.

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  5. Do you think there was ever a period where they had the bib front/square neckline of late regency, with the sleeve shapes of 1790's regency styles.
    I am looking to make a dress that can work as a winter wedding dress, maternity dress and nursing dress on formal occassions. I have large breasts and sloped shoulders and square necklines are most flattering.
    I despise the puff sleeves of later regency gowns and if I get a religious wedding anyway I will need to cover atleast my elbows-possibly my wrists.


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