Leather Ponies

Dec 22, 2011 3 comments
I was never a fan of Kitty on X-Factor UK, but there was one performance that rocked my world - her rendition of Queen's song "Don't Stop Me Now," in which she was surrounded by dancers dressed as punk-rock-Roman Leather Ponies.

Yes, Leather Ponies.

How cool was that! Lol, I laugh every time I watch it.

Then I remember this famous image:

Some day .... some Halloween .... some October Gaskells...WATCH OUT.

Victorian pony is coming...


  1. Hee. I follow you on pinterest, and I was just wondering what all those Victorian Pony images were about! I could see the potential for greatness...

  2. I think I especially love those platform 'hooves'on her boots! Fabulous image!

  3. Reminds me rather of these not as jumpy 'leather ponies' ; )


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