{Video} Wherein Lauren & Abby Get Racked

…or Racked gets Lauren’d & Abby’d. 😉

In early December, Abby and I took our annual trip to New York City to do *all the things.* One of the things we had the honor of doing was shooting a “Dress the Part” video with Racked, the fabulous online media website focusing on fashion.

Racked has done a whole series of “Dress the Part,” all of them super cool, so we were beyond excited to participate. We did the shoot at the amazing Van Cortlandt House, an 18th century manor smack in the middle of the Brox (who knew?).

We did most of the shoot in one of the upstairs bedrooms, complete with a ghost throwing candlesticks around and messing with the A/V equipment. We demonstrated dressing, which you can see some of in the video, and had quite a lot of fun being exceedingly silly.

Fluff fluff fluff – tying up the skirt of my yellow Italian gown and fluffing out the “wings.”

Abby and I are about 20 years apart in fashion here – sshhhh, don’t tell anyone!

We have to give a *huge* thank you to Laura Meyers and Meredith Barnes, who allowed the use of the house and assisted in our silliness. Meredith also took all of these lovely behind-the-scenes photos and drove our fluffy butts back to Time Square, which is no small feat.

Dunmores in red and white on the left, and Kensingtons in ivory on the right.

We hope you enjoy the video! We had a great time making it, playing dress up, and talking about shoes. For more of the Dress the Part series, check out Racked on Facebook.
p.s. All of the items both Abby and I are wearing in the video were made for or with techniques outlined in “The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking,” with the exception of the shoes, which you can get at AmericanDuchess.com too.


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