CORRECTION – 1780s Cap Pattern – American Duchess Guide

Hi gals! We’ve been alerted to a flaw in the 1780s cap pattern from “The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking,” so before you all tear your pomaded-and-powdered hair out trying to make the ruffles fit the band, here is the correction:

Share me like one of your French caps.

Additionally, here are some more photos to help you:

From left to right – two caul ruffles, two face ruffles, one band.

Each ruffle gets pleated up and applied to one side of the band – 4 ruffles in all.

This is what it looks like when it’s done, before applying the caul. Ruffles on both sides – they meet in the middle.

Front view of the 1780s cap

Side view of the 1780s cap

Back vie of the 1780s cap

Huge thank you to Leimomi Oakes for finding this issue. Please print this pattern for your use and share it with anyone who needs it.


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