CORRECTION - 1780s Cap Pattern - American Duchess Guide

Dec 28, 2017 12 comments
Hi gals! We've been alerted to a flaw in the 1780s cap pattern from "The American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking," so before you all tear your pomaded-and-powdered hair out trying to make the ruffles fit the band, here is the correction:

Share me like one of your French caps.

Additionally, here are some more photos to help you:

From left to right - two caul ruffles, two face ruffles, one band.

Each ruffle gets pleated up and applied to one side of the band - 4 ruffles in all.

This is what it looks like when it's done, before applying the caul. Ruffles on both sides - they meet in the middle.

Front view of the 1780s cap

Side view of the 1780s cap

Back vie of the 1780s cap
Huge thank you to Leimomi Oakes for finding this issue. Please print this pattern for your use and share it with anyone who needs it.


  1. I haven't bought the book yet (though I want to in the new year!). Is it okay to print out this pattern anyway and work on trying out the cap before I get the book? Or is it more of a "here's the corrected copy for those of you who have already paid for the book"? (Obviously I know I could just print it out and you would never know, but I want to be ethical and all that and not steal creative work because that's not cool.)

  2. Thanks for letting us know! :) As it's just a tiny typo (should read "cut 2" rather than "cut 1" on both ruffles), I've simply altered it in my copy.

  3. Got the book. Love it! Thanks for the correction!

  4. Awe-some! Thanks.

  5. I just want to say that I really appreciate your fantastic blog and all the amazing and generous information it supplies! Your an inspiration, and I look forward to buying your book ☺

  6. I am struggling with the dimensions finding it impossible to hem the band without it disappearing to nothing in the middle. Should I be adding seam allowances to the pattern? Apologies for being thick - I am only used to printed patterns!

    1. Were you able to figure it out? Do we need to add a seam allowance?

    2. Hi Janet and Lydia,
      If you refer to page 8 in the book ('Fitting your mock-up'), you will see that a seam allowance of 1-2 inches on all sides is recommended. I had to look for this - crutial - information for a while, too ;)
      Going to make the cap now, wish me luck!

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  8. Just curious, but has the correction made it into the book?


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