Inspirations {March 2. 2010}

Mar 3, 2010 3 comments

What's inspiring me this week - warm tones, peaches, auburns, siennas, creams - but in a desaturated, antique, faded sort of way.  I have a strong desire to make floaty voile dresses with little details like pin tucks and pleating, with inset lace maybe, and wooden buttons.  Spring is coming on, and the goldfinches, my favorite birdies, are passing through.  It's still cold, but tiny green shoots of bulb flowers are peeking through the ground.  Time to start on an Early Summer wardrobe.

 Many of these images are from a blog called "Abby Try Again."  Absolutely beautiful; have a look.


  1. Lucky you, to be seeing signs of spring; we got snow today on the east coast!

  2. well, it's gray and freezing cold and snowy today too, hahah! Maybe the signs of spring are all in my head? /sigh...

  3. Lovely pictures of soft, early spring :) It's coming!


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