Introducing “Seabury” Edwardian Shoes by The Newport Historical Society

American Duchess "Seabury" Edwardian Shoes
Newport Historical Society “Seabury” Edwardian shoes, by American Duchess

Today we’re excited to finally introduce “Seabury,” a gorgeous new reproduction Edwardian from the Newport Historical Society, Rhode Island.

Back in April, Elizabeth from the Newport Historical Society contacted me to suggest a collaboration. The Newport Historical Society has an impressive collection of antique shoes dating back to the 18th century, so when Elizabeth and I were deciding which shoes to work on together we were quite spoiled for choice.

The original “Seabury” shoes, which once upon a time were actually a very pale green, but have faded through the decades to be a subtle grey.

One design sparkled a little more than the others, a gorgeous grey pump from the turn of the 20th century, with subtle brocade paired with shimmering satin, elegant heels and feminine bows.

It was a whirlwind adventure with Seabury’s development, going back-and-forth with the textile manufacturer and heel factory to recreate these special elements as closely as we could.

The fabric – I drew this by hand, using photos of the original shoes to extrapolate out the pattern.
One of the antique heels I found on eBay, which served as the template for our new French heel shape.

We’re so proud of the result!  Here are the specifics at a glance:

American Duchess "Seabury" Edwardian Shoes
Seabury is available in grey-gold or black-black, with custom-made brocade, and removable bow clips.

Seabury Edwardian Pumps

  • Upper is custom-made brocade paired with satin
  • Leather lining and soles
  • Custom-made, perfectly balance French Heel – 3 inch / 7.6 cm
  • Detachable bow shoe clip
  • Available in gray/gold or black/black
  • Historically correct for c. 1900 – 1925

Sales of Seabury directly benefit the Newport Historical Society, helping to keep their doors open and maintain their important historical clothing and footwear collections.

Pre-Orders for Seabury open on Friday, October 31, at, but we’re doing an exclusive sale for Facebook Fans on Thursday, October 30, using a new way of ordering right from our Facebook page.


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