The First Reno Tweed Ride

A couple weekends ago, a group of 15 intrepid, tweed-clad cyclists gathered in Idylwild Park in Reno, and endeavored to ride their noble mechanical steeds through downtown, to the University of Nevada, Reno, campus, wherein these undaunted explorers would take repast upon the verdant promenade of this collegiate oasis.

And that was the Reno Tweed Ride.

It was ridiculously fun, and well attended, and we had such jollies we’ll be doing it again in the Fall.

Despite my ambitious plans, I didn’t make anything new for this ride. I wore mismatched tweed knickerbockers and a vest I found at the thrift shop, paired with some wacky argyle socks from Target, and my grandfather’s flat cap. Here’s my outfit (photo by MJ Fisher):

For the Fall ride, I fully plan to finish the sorta-Norfolk jacket pattern that was once my grandmothers, and put together the Wearing History “Smooth Sailling” trousers (they’ll be bloused up into plus fours for the ride). I have quite a lot of work to do on scaling the jacket pattern, but the wool is waiting (just what I want to be working on in Summer, but if I don’t, it certainly won’t get done in time for Fall!)


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