My Utterly Ridiculous Pierrot Clown Costume – Halloween 2013

Well, I might have been stitching up to the last day, but I did finish my utterly ridiculously Pierrot clown costume.  Here it is, in all its silliness:

1920s Pierrot clown costume

From my initial post about this project, I decided to go further into lunacy by making the onesie version of the pattern, instead of the more traditional two piece, and to cut the legs off short while leaving the arms long.

Simplicity 9800 clown costume pattern
Simplicity 9800, which has a Pierrot costume in it already,, but I fancied the onesie, because…it’s a onesie.

I was inspired by the 1920s illustrations on the left:

1920s clown costume

I didn’t follow the directions precisely.  The arms and legs are gathered with elastic zig-zag stitched on the inside, instead of taking the time to cut and press all the bias and make gathering channels (sorry! just didn’t care that much!).  The neck ruffle was gathered to the neckline, which was then gathered again, instead of being made up separately.

My roomie and I went out dancing. We were the only people at the club, but had lots of fun being weirdos.


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