:Ubersexlich 18th c. Men’s Suit – More Progress…Again…

 Please excuse the messiness of my room!

More progress on James’ velvet and brocade suit.  The linings are being hand-stitched in and pleats adjusted…and….and….

 The right side in this photo still needs a line of trim and some hand stitching.

We’ve done two sets of buttons – the waistcoat buttons made from the same fabric, taking a floret from the brocade to make these buttons extra snazzy; and very large, hand-embroidered velvet buttons to add an extra touch of awesome to the frock coat.  More on the embroidered buttons later… 🙂

Lots of little bits of finishing now, to wrap up all the raw edges and make it all nice and DONE.  All the buttons here are pinned on to show the full impact of the final products, with the embroidered buttons running down the front, on the cuffs, and the pocket flaps as well.

I’m quite proud of how this is looking.  That’s a lot of POW!

Check out some of James’ inspirations, from my personal favorite, Fashion: The Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institute


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