8 Reasons to Love the New American Duchess Pompadour 18th Century French Court Shoes

Today is the day for the new Pompadours!  We managed to sell clean out of the old Pomps, so we took the opportunity to make some improvements that I know you’ll love.

8 Reasons You’ll Love the New American Duchess Pompadours

1. They’re Historically Correct
Of course!  Period accuracy is our primary focus, and with each new development, we try to get closer to how original shoes looked, but without the pinchy, blistery, squeezy, pain of shoes that lacked rather important things like arch support.  A few of Pompadour’s reference pieces can be found here, here, and here.

The Met, 1690-1709

2. They’re Splendidly Pretty
When you’ve spent so much time on your gorgeous gown, why pair it with lackluster shoes? Ladies of the period certainly didn’t – middling and upper class ladies’ shoes were made of  brocade, embroidered silk, painted leather, and laced damask.  These shoes were jewels for the feet, which is exactly the point of Pompadours as well.

3. They’re Dyeable
Don’t believe me? Here’s a Pompadour dyed ORANGE, using International Fabric Shoe Dyes, coming soon to our shop.  The brocade pattern takes the dye up strongly, while the background is a softer tone.

Orange creamsicle Pompadours? sure, why not!?

4. They Have The White Rand
The white rand is a piece of leather “piping” between the upper and sole, found on shoes prior to roughly the 1760s/70s.  It is a characteristic trait we felt was important to the historically accurate look of the shoe – plus it’s snazzy.

Top – from the Met; Bottom – Pomps

5. They Have Bodacious Heels
Pompadour’s heels were custom made just for us, and can only be found on American Duchess shoes.  They are curvaceous and thick, just like original Georgian heels.

Pompadour with an original shoe from Shoe Icons

6. We’ve Improved the Fit
Pompadours fit better than ever, with more accurate sizing, more ease over the arch, and a slightly-less-crazy-but-no-less-elegant pointed toe.

Pompadour’s new toe shape is still elegantly pointed, and more comfortable to wear.

7. Leather, Leather, Leather
We’ve also improved materials – the lining, heel material, rand, and sole are all real leather, which means better comfort and accuracy all around.

8. They Are Beloved of Theaters and Studios
Pompadours have been sent to production companies all over the world, from Film Afrika in South Africa, to the Metropolitan Opera in New York City.  Our particular favorite was the appearance Pompadours made in NBC’s “Smash,” on the feet of lead actress Megan Hilty.

Smash, Season 2, Episode 6 – a pair of pink painted Pompadours makes a rather bold appearance on actress Megan Hilty

The new Pompadours are now available to pre-order at AmericanDuchess.com . Pompadours are already in production, so size quantities are limited.  Delivery is in January – a long time, but well worth the wait, as Pompadours are one of our most in-demand styles.


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