How to Fit 18th Century Shoe Buckles

You’ve just got yourself a fine new pair of American Duchess 18th century shoes and you ordered some sparkly 18th century shoe buckles to go with them. Now what?

Fitting shoe buckles is an archaic skill that disappeared when shoe buckles fell out of fashion. It can be mind boggling trying to figure out how the chape and tongue and frame all work on those weird double straps. But don’t worry! While it can be utterly terrifying to think of poking holes in your new shoes, we’re here to help! We made a video!

Pretty cool, right? Once you go through this method the first time you’ll never forget it. Then you’ll be installing the shoe buckles easily on all of your 18th century shoes and probably your friends shoes too.

If you don’t have a pair of 18th century shoes yet, check out the 18th Century section of Also have a gander at all the 18th century shoe buckles in our Accessories section, plus enjoy a little discount when you buy shoes and buckles together.

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