Victorian Boots & Accessories Survey – Please Help!

Hi Ladies!  As always, I am working on improving our historical footwear and accessories, and am in need of some information about your shapely gams.

The most difficult part of creating our Victorian button boots and spats is getting the fit just right through the ankles and calves.  With your help, I can get a better idea of what our *actual* customers need.  Please participate in this very short survey about your ankle and calf measurements.  You will need a soft tape measure and a minute or two.

Thank you!


  • Caroline9L

    April 16, 2013 at 8:48 PM

    I found my issue was more with the sizing in the foot…I normally wear an 8.5 (US). I had to order a size 10 to ensure that the foot would be wide enough to accommodate mine. Given that, I'm going to have a hard time being fit because the proportion of a larger boot is not going to fit my ankles (which are not by any means abnormal). Offering different width options is probably not a possibility at this stage of the game, but may help those of us with feet which are not dainty and narrow.

    (I'm awaiting a pair of 10s with a normal calf, though given the girth of the ankle of the pair I returned, I have a feeling another return will be in the cards. The foot part was great, but everything else fit like galoshes — not what I'm going for!)

  • fullfathom

    April 17, 2013 at 5:23 PM

    Survey completed… but won't shoe size have a bearing on the results? I have a relatively slender 22 cm ankle and a 27.5 cm calf at that height, but with a size 10 foot (wide, which means 10.5 in American Duchess shoes). My concern is that shaft circumference will scale up with shoe size, making the 10.5 shaft much wider than smaller sizes…

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