V356: A Few More Antique and Vintage Shoes

Jan 16, 2013 8 comments
Well, here I am again to show you more historic shoes from my rapidly growing collection....

Wedding Slippers, 1870s.

These are a perfect example of an 1870s slipper.  They have a slightly squared toe, a delicious little heel, and a large decoration on the vamp.  They meet all the hallmarks of formal footwear for 1860-1880, and though they've seen better days, I'm really proud to have this example in my collection, and especially to be able to use these old dames to create the upcoming Civil War/Bustle Era dyeable satin pump, "Tissot," coming out later this year.

Gold Brocade Evening Mary Janes - 1920s

This pair of dance shoes was given to me by Sharon and Bob Collier.  They're a gorgeous example of what we might think of as Flapper shoes, but they weren't avante garde or shocking at the time, just really lovely, dressy shoes.  They're a far cry from the basic black Mary Janes you find in the stores today, eh?

I love these black suede 1940s Slingbacks because they are so iconic for this decade.  These beauties underwent a heel-shortening at some point in their life, and the balance is thrown off, but aside from that, they're a great example of basic 1940s footwear.

This last pair is my absolutely favorite.  They gorgeous red leather 1940s peep toes with adorable bows on the vamp.  They look like new!  If we ever do 1940s reproductions, these are at the top of my list (don't I wish these originals they fit, though!)


  1. Ooo... I see that you slipped in a mention of the Tissot (and now I know the name of it!)! Super excited!!! I can't wait to see and hear more about those. I think they'll be a must have.


  2. Upcoming Civil War/Bustle Era dyeable satin pump, "Tissot," coming out later this year.
    These words made me so happy!
    First, I bought nice fabric for my next project, and now this!
    What a fine night it is indeed. :)

  3. Love the red heels! :) Those 1920s brocade shoes are a real treasure indeed!

  4. YES!!!!! I have wanted a Civil War era shoe for forever! So excited!

  5. I am SO SO excited to see the Tissot! I think I may have found my wedding shoes :)

  6. That first image is just so, so timeless!!! So clearly they were machine stitching shoes, right?
    You do have an eye, my dear, and every costumer in the country should know about yur product!!!
    auntie Nan

  7. LOVE the red 40's pumps! My preference would be not peep toe if you reproduce them though. :-)

  8. So excited about the Tissot, please say that they will be offered in size 10.5!


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