V355: Green Acres Bustle Gown Progress

Little by little this gown is coming together.  It’s complicated!

Please forgive my lack of backdrop – working on a better system!

I have all the trims on the skirt now, and just need to sew up that side seam, install the placket, and stitch the trims over the seam, to make it all blend together.  ‘Course, instead of doing that, I jumped into making the bodice, after being reminded that there is a Victorian ball in early February, and I *gasp* haven’t got a thing to wear!

The bodice is based on Truly Victorian TV420, 1879 Cuirass Bodice, with my alterations: I split the back to accommodate the volume of the bustle, tweaked and shortened the hem shape and length, and cut a deep square neckline.  I also intend to use my own 3/4 sleeve pattern.

It’s not much to look at yet, but so far it is going together easily, and I hope to have it completed soon-ish.  You can see in these photos, most stuff is just pinned in place, to get an idea how it might look when finished (minus the 10 tons of trim on the neckline, mwahahaha)


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