New 1930s Wearing History “Moderne” in Progress

So after making that big scary list of stuff that I need/want to make this year, of course I’ve set to work on none of it at all.  I have a project in-progress that needs to be completed first.

That project is Wearing History’s 1930s pattern “Moderne.”  I love *all* of Lauren M’s patterns, but “Moderne” caught my eye and is so….”me.” (you know how that goes.)  I finally found a fabric that makes me giddy, a rayon with large strawberries printed on it, and knew it must become my version of “Moderne.”

I’ve decided to make my version sleeveless, and use bright red as the facings and accents – the ruffly collar thing, the belt (not shown/finished yet), the facing on the geometrical accent on the skirt, and the buttons on the skirt and neckline.

As you can see, it’s still in progress, but I’m absolutely loving it.  I have yet to finish the facings on the armscyes, sew up the side seam and install the closure, do the hem, and make the self-fabric belt (I’m thinking with one of these kits from the Fashionable Stitch shop.)


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