Olympe's Stays - Overnight Stay

Sep 16, 2010 7 comments
The boning channels, stuffed.  I should have taken more care to cut the peach jacquard in a way more, well, thought through, but as a mock-up garment it was not the priority.  Next time!

Stays are not built overnight...but almost.  Amazing what one sleepless seamstress can accomplish in the dark hours.

I've sewn all the boning channels in the second side of the stays, and then set to "stuffing," using 1/4" zipties (my favorite!), and armoring this delicate piece of pretty peach frippery like Joan of Arc headed into battle.  I'll be out today to hunt down more zipties, and of the longest length I can find, for the back.

One side almost entirely boned, and pinned onto the non-squishy dress form.  The real test will be when the eyelets are in and it can be fully laced over a soft form, to test measurement.
What you see on my dress form does not reflect the fit of the final stays.  The waist will be pinched in considerably - we are doing a 2.5" reduction, and the difference between the bust and waist measurement will be  about 11" - and the stomacher will show in more of a triangular shape rather than rectangular.

More to come and quickly - I love how fast corsets and stays go together (at least until you get to the hand binding and eyelets!).
The left side is boned, the right side not.  What a difference!


  1. Beautiful! Easy to forget this is just the mock-up. Why on earth did you stay up overnight to do it? There's no rush so please don't feel compelled to miss sleep!

  2. It will look smashing with your materials. I'm very excited about how this is coming along. I didn't stay up on account of the stays - I just had a sleepless night and instead of staring at the ceiling I did something productive :-)

  3. I love how the stripes of teh fabric looks with the boning, even if I know it isn't on purpose.

    Oh, I feel so inpsired to finish mt own stays now, and I can't, because I have misplaced the fabric for the shoulderstraps. *pouts*

  4. Gee, maybe you could get a business going teaching workshops on how to do stuff like this. I wish there were some where I lived.

  5. Check out the parts stores for zip ties. I got mine at a place called napa.

  6. so pretty! i can't wait to see the finished product! :D


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