V214: 18th Century Silk Clocked Stockings Now on Pre-Order

Okay, ladies (and gents too), it’s finally time.  The new clocked stockings I’ve been working on are finally available to order.  Purchase yours at www.american-duchess.com .

White silk stockings with black clocks, paired with painted and decorated Pemberley late Georgian/early Regency shoes.

These babies are awesome, plain and simple.  I chose three historical clock designs to be woven in 98% silk, with 2% spandex to give them enough stretch to fit just about anybody.

They’re over-the-knee, and will stretch at the tops up to 21 inches.  Both women and men can wear these – women with US women’s shoe sizes 7 and upwards, and men with US men’s shoe sizes up to 12.  Ladies, just imagine how these will look peeking out from under your petticoats, or for you men, decorating your finely turned calves, in knee breeches.

You can get these in white, red, and powder blue, each with a different clock design.  Even better, when you buy two or more pairs, or add stockings to your order for 18th century Kensingtons, Pompadours, or Pemberlies, you get a discount.

Remember, when you pre-order, there is a waiting period while the stockings are manufactured – in this case it is about a month.  We always order low quantities, and tend to sell out rather quickly, so if you want to be sure you get your pairs, put in your order now.


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