V270: The “Robe Royaliste” at Nevada Museum of Art

Last night I had another opportunity to model for the costume painting class at the Nevada Museum of Art.  I wore my new “Robe Royaliste,” a dress I made, erm, a couple months ago, but hadn’t had the chance to wear.

One good thing about wearing a new gown to sit still in for three hours is that you learn very quickly what needs to be adjusted.  I’m really happy with how this test-dress turned out, *but* the armscyes are too small!  It felt like someone was sticking a butterknife in my armpits all night!  Easy fix, thank goodness, and certainly one to be made before wearing this gown for a full day.  The sleeves are also too tight through the elbows…not such an easy fix, but I’ll see if i can fenagle any extra room out of the seam allowances..they only need about 1/4″ extra to be far more comfortable.

Anywho, I hope you enjoy these photos, as much as I enjoyed watching the artists work 🙂

The artist who drew this always does amazing work. She flatters!
This was also the first time out for the restyled hedgehog wig an ginormoid Gainsborough hat, which really isn’t that big, now that I see pics of it…

I really like this artist’s work – I think she looks like Greta Scacchi is “Jefferson in Paris.”


  • AuntieNan

    September 26, 2012 at 8:57 PM

    Hi – could you work in a little diamond-shaped gusset in that sleeve seam, positioning it at the elbow area, perhaps? I love gussets and they have saved the HECK out of so many near-armscye disasters where I had no fabric to recut the sleeves!!!
    Good luck! The dress is GORGEOUS,
    Nancy N

    • AuntieNan

      September 28, 2012 at 2:37 PM

      And as to the whole sleeve fitting in general — did they ever use a 2-piece sleeve (assuming you didn't, as I often find I have done) throw away those extra supposedly useless strips of fabric cut away from the bigger pieces…)


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