Lost In New York: Redthreaded and American Duchess Hit the Big Apple

American Duchess and Redthreaded in New York City

Adventures in New York City!

Back in May I visited New York City…again…it’s becoming a weirdly regular occurrence and that’s no bad thing. I love NYC. I love it – magical things always seem to happen!

On this trip, I met up with Cynthia of Redthreaded, who was so kind and let me follow her into the backstage of “Anastasia” on Broadway (omfg), into Eric Winterling’s costume shop (omfg), and to The Met Museum’s “Visitors to Versailles” exhibition (omfg – also, that is another post coming soon, I promise).

Redthreaded bustle gown in New York City, photographed by American Duchess

We also played dress-up and took some photos in Central Park. Cynthia wore her new bustle gown, made from a wonderfully obnoxious and perfect cotton from our local Reno fabric shangri-la, Mill End.

Cynthia accessorized her amazing dress with an adorable bonnet, ivory gloves and parasol, and “Tissot” Victorian pumps in ivory with those huge rosettes for which I have undying love.

Redthreaded bustle gown and American Duchess "Tissot" Victorian shoes in New York City

We took most of our photos at the Dairy in Central Park, a delightful gingerbread-house that gave us cobblestones, ferns, and gables for backdrops.

On the way back to the hotel, a block off the south end of the park, we decided to have a little anachronistic fun on the busy Manhattan streets. Cynthia was game – brave girl. We ran out into the middle of 7th avenue on the red light – she paused dead center on the crosswalk and I took up my photog-crouch on the opposite crosswalk, huddled in front of a line of semi-aggro taxi drivers ready to mow me down.

Cynthia Settje of Redthreaded in 1880s bustle dress in New York City, photographed by Lauren Stowell of AmericanDuchess.com

But we got the shot. #WorthIt

I have other news and findings to share with you from New York, so stay tuned. I hope you enjoyed these photos!

If you’d love a pair of “Tissot” Victorian Pumps in ivory or black, rosettes included, visit AmericanDuchess.com.

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