V265: Vintage Haul of Random Things

Sep 21, 2012 5 comments
I should have known when I popped down to Junkee Clothing Exchange (one of the coolest stores in Reno-Land, choc full of all manner of sweet costumer swag, from hot pink ostrich plumes to marching band hats to '60s go-go boots...oh, and one whole half of the store is antiques) for *just* a length of vintage lace trim, to ruff out my Indienne gown, that I would come out with way...WAY more than I went in for.

Self-fulfilling prophecy!  I did find the lace trim, but also some really killer beaded, embroidered someday-going-to-be-something-probably-Victorian-and-awesome trim for a ridonculously low price.

Also, some obnoxious pink trim for perhaps a future 18th century hat; strawberry appliques for who knows what; a mink collar; a sweet '50s hat; and an heirloomly-sewn baby dress thing made of embroidered voile, soon to be a snazz 18th c. neckerchief.


  1. I know the feeling...but it's definately excusable when you come out with such great stuff! That hat is especially to-die-for. If I had it my way, I would be hording millions of hats in a specially built archival warehouse. It's an obsession.

  2. I love a good score like that!

  3. That beaded trim is gofgeous, one cannot pass up something like that :)

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