Sugarpine Living History Day, 2013 - Two-Person '20s Invasion

Jul 28, 2013 21 comments
1920s costume Ehrman Mansion Lake Tahoe

Yesterday our army of costume-clad amazons, all two of us, invaded a nice little local event at the Ehrman Mansion on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe.  We go every year in '20s and '30s attire, confusing the event staff and generally making a spectacle.  This year we were few, but we were saucy.

My adorable mother wore a 1920s bathing costume.

1920s bathing suit costume

I wore the "just-in-time" Little Jersey Dress.

1920s gatsby dress MG TD roadster Lake Tahoe Sugarpine event

There were lots of mid-century British Roadsters to delight us, and take pictures next to, which had me scouring eBay later that evening, hoping to find one fully restored, in perfect running order, for a steal (yeah right!)
Morgan classic car roadster grill
classic car MG TD roadster

Historical Dog came along, too, and wasn't so sure at first...

...but then it was all okay, after chasing some chipmunks and rolling in the grass...

It was a lovely day, nice weather. We ate sandwiches while a trio involving an accordian played "La Vie en Rose."

The End.


  1. I love your outfits. You have a cool hot Momma! :-)
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com

  2. Marvellous day with friends and historical dog, you all look tickets boo!

  3. How glorious! You both looked picture perfect! :)

  4. That jersey dress you made looks so adorable on you! The dress form doesn't do that dress justice at all- I almost didn't believe they were the same dress. Sarah

    1. Thanks! It's a weird dress, lol. I can't decide if I love it or hate it, but at least it's super comfortable!

  5. Super cute pictures, especially with the cars and dog. :)


  6. This looks wonderful! I want to go to something like this!

  7. The dress turned out wonderfully! It looks great on you!

  8. Dear Lauren,

    That last photo taken overlooking the lake is especially wonderful. Hooray for spicing up the event!

    Very best,


    1. Thank you! My mom took that photo - I will pass on your compliment :-)

  9. Wonderful pictures! You two look great! Seems like there are lots of 1920s events taking place this summer. I just went to one last weekend. I just love the classic cars, make me wish I had mine own to drive around. :)

    1. Thank you! There are indeed lots of '20s events on this year, I'm sure to do with the Gatsby movie that came out. I adore the cars too (hence the overload of photos, lol) - you and me both, wishing we had our own :-)

  10. You guys look adorable! I love that your Mum wore a swimsuit all day?

    Why do you confuse the staff? Does no-one else dress up?

    1. Thanks! She did indeed wear it all day. We confuse the staff/volunteers because they're all dressed in '20s - '30s attire, giving tours and whatnot, but none of them know us, so they think we're volunteers but aren't sure...


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