V255: The Festive Attyre 18th Century Curtain-Along

Sep 11, 2012 4 comments

I was so tickled to see that the wonderful Jen, of Festive Attyre, has started an international sewing "curtain-along," for everyone who is making an 18th century something-or-other from any of the Waverly "Felicite" curtain colorways, available at Lowe's, Amazon, and Sears.

Pop on over to Festive Attyre for more information about what colors are available, where to get them (non-USA seamstresses especially), and how many curtain panels you will need to make, say, a gown, a banyan, a jacket, etc.  You can also grab this nifty blog badge:

Follow the various projects on Jen's Curtain-Along Projects Pinterest board.

My project so far
Have fun!


  1. This is an inspiration to make something for myself. I just committed to do an 18th century demo of some sort for a historic house in my area in April 2013. First step is to lose another 25 pounds so I can fit into my fat stays. I'm loving the curtain prints and may go ahead and do a petticoat now.

  2. The colors are so beautiful, can't wait to see this all done up!


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