V254: Fitting Mom's JP Ryan Jacket(s)

JP Ryan Jacket in progress

Today my lovely Lady Mother came over for help fitting sleevils into two of her Colonial Williamsburg pieces – both swallow-tailed jackets, in different materials, using the JP Ryan pattern, but also referencing the same jacket in the Colonial Williamsburg collection.

The sleeve before alterations – massively too big and too long, both

Mom’s issue was with the sleeves, but we were also able to work out some fitment issues with the armcyes, shoulder straps, and center back seam, before setting the sleeves in using the 18th century method.

The little cuff turned up, to shorten the sleeve.

Of course, this was after some major sleevil alterations – we took at least and inch out of the sleeve at the seam, more in one place, and also shortened the sleeve entirely by nipping up a rather nice cuff at the elbow.  So far so good!  All the same fixes need to be done on her brown linen jacket, but that is for another day.


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