V252: Midnight Vintage Shoe Finds on Etsy

Sep 8, 2012 6 comments
Nothing teaches one the construction and detailing of a vintage or antique shoes as, well, an actual vintage or antique shoe.  I was thrilled to find quite a few shoes on Etsy the other night, all for very reasonable prices, and all now making their ways to me for historical shoe R&D.  Here's my night's catch:

OliveYouVintage . These were marked 1910, but they're 1870s!
KravenBaylockDesign.  Beautiful lines an detailing in these Edwardians
RamblerVintage. An iconic pair of 1940s platform slingbacks - imagine these with bows on the toes, or perforated uppers, or as spectators...
Now don't get *too* giddy - there are a lot of new styles in the pipeline, some vintage 20th century, some Victorian, some Regency, some Georgian (that tells you nothing, right?).  I'll always post here and on Facebook about shoe news, so be sure to follow along. :-)


  1. Replies
    1. They're cool! Very typical design for the period, and they also interestingly have a stacked heel. Great shape. I hope we can do them justice :-)

    2. The 1940s platforms are SO iconic! I loves me the shoes, yes I do! :)

  2. Lauren, will you be introducing men's shoes in the future?

  3. Great finds on the shoes!

    I was wondering if you'll be offering any wide sizes at all in the future?


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