V210: Sugarpine Living History Day 2012, and 1933 Vintage Vogue Dress

Jul 29, 2012 8 comments
As promised, here are pics from today's lovely event at the Ehrman Mansion, Sugarpine State Park, Lake Tahoe.
Our Great Basin Costume Society group - Oscar, Debbie, Baby Autumn, Sarah, Maridy, Carolyn, and yours truly.
Debbie and me next to one of the lovely cars befitting our era.
Mr. and Mrs. Sessions, with vintage baby Autumn
My dress all finished, paired with so-so hair.  Always a pleasure when one's hair doesn't dry overnight, and drastic measured must be taken the next day, lol.
I finished the 1933 Vintage Vogue 2671 just in time, and even though I feel I didn't do a very pristine job, I like how it turned out a lot, and it was comfortable to wear.  I paired it with a pink silk slip I made a few years back.
Finished Vogue 2671, with my alteration to the neckline.  I also shortened the skirt considerably.


  1. Lovely dress, your hair doesn't look amiss at all. My hair has issues with wet sets and drying overnight so I feel your pain.

    1. it's always a moment of "oh noooo!" when you wake up in the morning and unroll that first curler to discover it's not dry. /sigh. Ah well, it turned out okay in the end

  2. So very CUTE! I love it! :)

  3. I think you look darling. And I wouldn't feel bad about your hair. Women back in the day had difficult hair days too!

    PS I LOVE those shoes!

    1. Very true! My grandmother had a great story about her friend always being late for things because her hair hadn't dried, lol

  4. Your dress looks absolutely beautiful! I love how it looks with the pink tone from the slip.


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