V209: 1933 Vintage Vogue 2671 Throwtogether

Jul 27, 2012 12 comments
In the midst of all the mad sewing for Costume College (next week!), I thought I'd put together a simple "recharge" dress for a 1930s picnic tomorrow.

So then why did I choose anything Vogue. (rhetorical question)

I've made Vogue 2671 before, also in a sheer fabric, and I can't for the life of me remember why I didn't keep the dress, but I recall it being pretty and I liked it, a long long time ago.

This time around I used a sheer polka dot I originally bought for a Regency gown, but found not suitable because the dot is printed rather than woven.  What was inappropriate for the Regency was perfect for the 1930s, so I set to work on this pattern, planning to fell all the seams.

Stupid pattern.  It's not simple by any means.  I despise Vogue's love of lapping seams and top stitching.  It takes for flippin' ever and doesn't really look all that great.  On the sheer, it was just a pain.
This tubular dress doesn't really fit Millie the Dressform, but hangs much more nicely on  a real body.  Also, there is no slip on beneath the dress here.
Despite my issues with Vogue patterns, though, the dress came out pretty decently.  I remembered from the first make that the sheer fabric didn't really work with the button closure at the neckline, so I changed that to a big floppy bow tie.

My alteration with the bow tie.
I plan to wear this over a pink vintage style slip, but I like the idea of wearing it over any colored slip, to give different effects.  I'll have photos from our picnic to post soon. :-)


  1. Adorable! The dot is perfect and I love the neck bow.
    I've had very poor luck with these vogue reissues as well. Glad I'm not the only one ;)

  2. Well, I think it's fabulous. I think it looks super cute with the bow at the neck. Hope your picnic is lovely.

  3. oh, that is DARLING! definitely worth all the hard work!

  4. I was just about to ask what you are wearing tomorrow : )

  5. Photos on yourself asap please? :)

  6. Beautiful!
    The dress turned out perfect and you look lovely.

  7. I really, really need this pattern in my life, in a size eighteen, oh if only it were possible, but it doesn't seem that there is one in existence! I just discovered your blog and I am in love! If you know of any way that I could make this dress in my own size, I would be forever in your debt!

    1. Sierra, this one seems a bit hard to find, but here is an eBay listing that says it has the 14-16-18 size pack: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VOGUE-VINTAGE-30s-ART-DECO-DRESS-PATTERN-2671-/320942717754?pt=AU_Sewing&hash=item4ab9ad3b3a#ht_590wt_1163

    2. Oh my goodness, thank you! That's definitely a hefty price tag for a pattern, but really worth it as I am really, truly in love with the dress!


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