New Sketch

Apr 17, 2009 2 comments

A quick sketch of the new ensemble - the undergown with an empire waist, but full through the skirt, and the open robe pretty much as it is in the Janet Arnold version.

My concern: will an empire-waisted gown with a full, gathered skirt make me look preggers? Is it just too much?

I'm also considering a sleeve on the undergown, and a cap sleeve on the robe, since I liked that image with the green robe so much. We shall see. It's always easy to not add sleeves :-).


  1. THIS is why I don't like regency styles. You inevitably look pregnant. If you're in love with the style, maybe a thin silk would work? Habotai or washed dupioni, at the very least.

  2. What about flat pleats for the front and gathered at the back to lend to the bustled look without needing the extra padding. Is it a morning dress or an evening costume?


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