V92: 1920s Sporty Skit at The Auto Museum

Yesterday Lady Carolyn and I finished up our appearances at the Auto Museum’s 1920s Symposium with a silly skit in which well-to-do Mrs. Carpenter (Carolyn) was going camping in Yosemite in one of the very first motor homes, the KampKar made by Ford.  I played her ditzy, thieving maid Mabel, who’d been “swimming” down in the lake, where Mr. Carpenter was supposed to be “fishing.”  It was great, improvisational fun – Carolyn wore her new sporting togs, and I wore my 1920s swim suit from last year, and we just chewed the scenery to bits. 🙂

Here are some photos:

Carolyn in her sporting togs, a faithful copy of some seen in the 1923 Sears catalog.
This incredibly Lincoln is the only car like this in the world – only one of these was made, and this is it.
The KampKar – looked pretty comfy inside.


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