Too Many Costumes, Not Enough Time!

Have you ever felt this way?

I’ve been diligently working out the kinks in my 18th century wardrobe for Colonial Williamsburg, in two weeks (eek!), but as I near the end of this period of intense stitchery, all I can think about is making other things.

These other things include three (yes, three) 1830s dresses…

LACMA, 1830
A pink/white version of this crazy puff pastry from The Young Victoria
Brown silk dress from Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum – c. 1835

I have acquired the Truly Victorian 1830s Romantic Era Dress pattern (TV455), and am just *itching* to get slicing on the mock-up.

Meanwhile, there’s a big local event coming up – the 3rd Annual Titanic Tea:

…and of course I don’t have a THING to wear! I have a design, though…just no pattern, fabric, or time. The tea is 2 weeks after I get back from Williamsburg. Think I can do it?

Met, 1911. Of course it will look nothing like this…maybe a little like this…something like this, but for tea.


  • Anonymous

    March 1, 2014 at 11:22 PM

    Three 1830s dresses! I'm impressed! One is keeping me busy enough. I never thought I'd do a gown where the sleeves required so much work. I look forward to seeing your dresses; I've also been admiring the first two.

  • Little Mothball

    March 2, 2014 at 7:14 PM

    I definitely know what you mean! I have restrained myself to working on two outfits for upcoming balls. Nothing else till I finish those. It can be so hard! I have so many 1820s/30s dresses I want to make! And historical accessories!!!

  • unicornemporium

    March 3, 2014 at 4:32 PM

    (Fingers in ears) La, La, La, La! No! I've already switched gears three times on something I started, to do something else, (I did finish one of them, LOL!) so do not fill my ears with 1830s! It's called "ADCD" Attention Deficit Costume Disorder, and there is no cure!

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