V200: Redingote Portraits of Win

Jul 19, 2012 6 comments
I love the 1780s and 90s, particularly the mannish styles, like the Redingote.  Something about those big collars and buttons, paired with big-ass Gainsborough hats - YUM!
Lady in Light Blue Gown by Jean-Baptiste Soyer, circa 1790
Maria de Ron von Breda
Portrait of Anna Lopukhina-Gagarina - 1792 - Jean-Louis Voille
Jean-Louis Voille Portrait of Elisaveta Alexandrovna Demidov 1791-92

I ordered some lavender taffeta to pair with black accessories, to make a 1790s something-or-other, probably a sweet redingote, I'm thinking. :-)

'Course, all this after all the other things currently on the cutting room floor. Ha!


  1. Beautiful paintings. The clothing that they wore back then was so beautiful and had so much style.

  2. Just gorgeous. Love the huge collars and the ginormous buttons!!

  3. For some reason I feel that gray would be a good accent color with lavender.... Love the redingote style, and can't wait to see yours!

  4. Gorgeous paintings ! Kinda inspires me to sew ! I just can't wait to see your lavender redingote !!!

  5. That dark haired lady was lovely!

  6. The dark hard-one looks like a princess. So gorgeous. Agree with commentor who said that grey would be nice with lavender.


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