V200: Redingote Portraits of Win

I love the 1780s and 90s, particularly the mannish styles, like the Redingote.  Something about those big collars and buttons, paired with big-ass Gainsborough hats – YUM!

Lady in Light Blue Gown by Jean-Baptiste Soyer, circa 1790
Maria de Ron von Breda
Portrait of Anna Lopukhina-Gagarina – 1792 – Jean-Louis Voille
Jean-Louis Voille Portrait of Elisaveta Alexandrovna Demidov 1791-92

I ordered some lavender taffeta to pair with black accessories, to make a 1790s something-or-other, probably a sweet redingote, I’m thinking. 🙂

‘Course, all this after all the other things currently on the cutting room floor. Ha!


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