V85: Elizabethan Pouf Hairstyles

Mar 25, 2012 4 comments
Ha! Those Georgians thought they were being so clever and original with their pouf hairstyles, but they were just copying the late Elizabethans and early Jacobeans.  Just goes to show that fashion goes 'round and 'round.  Nothing is new!

I'm off to purchase more yardage for a new Elizabethan doublet I've been putting off for ages.  Another thing that "goes to show:" always buy, like, ten times more trim for an Elizabethan than you think you'll need.

Portrait of Diane d'Andouins, Countess of Guiche. Mistress of French King Henry IV from 1583 to about 1590
Catherine Henriette de Balzac d'Entragues, Marquise de Verneuil (1579–1633)


  1. Doublets! :) Can't wait to see.

  2. I'm working on my doublet right now and you are so right about the trim. I thought i might need oh.. 20 maybe. Nope. Can't wait to see yours!

  3. Absolutely! Swings and roundabouts.

  4. One time I did a Bockston Bog chemise and surcote. I bought everything they had of this semi-plausible period-esque corded trim to edge the hems, necklines and sleeves. I ended up with six inches left. Whew!


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