V84: Vintage 1930s Brown Oxfords

If you follow along on Facebook, you will have seen a photo of this exquisite shoe.  I hunted these on eBay a little while ago and was overjoyed to have won them.  They’re so perrrrrfect.

They’re a size 5 1/2 A, completely unwearable, but these beauties are like little sculptures, and a very typical pair of shoes from the later 1930s.  I’m tickled to look in late ’30s catalogs and see shoes so very similar, and one of these days I expect I’ll find an ad for these precise ones.

Like the perforated sporty pumps from a few days ago, these oxfords will travel oversees to be sampled into a modern version we ladies will actually be able to get on our footsies.  (btw, no harm will come to the vintage shoes as they are being sampled; they are only there for study)

These shoes were never worn – they spent their life as store displays.
The original laces
These have quite a high heel – 2.75 inches, but I think a 2.5 inch heel would maintain the integrity of the design, while being just as period and more manageable to wear.


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