Thursday, September 29, 2011

18th Century Shoes - It's That Time Again

October draws near, and the new shipment of Devonshire leather, and Georgiana silk 18th century shoes is due in next week.

If you missed out on the pre-sale back in August, never fear, for you will be able to order your pairs starting this coming Friday, September 30th.

Quantities *are* limited.  We only ordered a few extra in each size, and size US 7 through 9 tend to go quite quickly.

This Friday, September 30th, is the day!



  1. regency shoes, regency shoes...regency boots...regency boots...please??????????????//

  2. I wore my self-dyed sky blue Georgies to a French fort today and everyone asked me where to get these, even non-reenactors, so I gave a lot of publicity today! The shoes were extremely comfy and resisted grass stains and scuffs in gravel fairly well for hours!