Fashion Face-Off: Regency vs. 1960s

We all know history (and fashion) repeats itself, and designers of the past were as inspired to borrow from previous decades and centuries just as much as fashion labels are today.  This sartorial thievery extended to shoes too: check out the 1960s versus The Regency:

I’m showing you these cool comparisons to get you excited about the upcoming release of the “Pemberley,” a leather pump based on 1790s-1805 extant examples, featuring a delicate 1 inch heel, and apointed toe. 
…but if you’re not a Jane Austen kind of girl, maybe you are a Joan Holloway type, and the Pemberlies will also be appropriate for the late 1950s and 1960s!
The Pemberlies are currently in phase 2 of prototyping (refinement of design), so no photos yet…but soooooon!


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