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Wow, where do we even start! There is so much new stuff this season!

You won’t want to miss these! Men’s and women’s sizes for pumps, flat 18th century latchet shoes, and Hessian boots.

New MENS collection

We can all credit Albert Roberts for convincing us to finally (finally!) explore the world of men’s historical shoes. We have three offerings from the last quarter of the 18th century and into the Regency period…

Albert Men’s Georgian Pumps (1790 – 1820) – perfect late 18th century into Regency pumps to wear with stockings and breeches. Suitable for both military and civilian impressions. All leather with top edge binding and a vamp tie.

Hamilton Men’s 18th Century Shoes (1770 – 1820) – Refined and elegant, our 18th century latchet shoes are lined in leather, have a common sense heel, and a sturdy leather sole. Hamiltons are the gentleman’s shoe of choice.

Hessian Men’s Georgian Boots (1790 – 1830) – The quintessential gentleman’s boot of the late 18th century, Mr. Darcy and Beau Brummel would approve. Hessians come nearly up to the knee, feature the curved top, tassels, and slouched vamp seen in originals, and are suitable for military and civilian impressions alike. THREE calf sizes available – measure the broadest part of your calf, over your stockings and breeches.

Have a look at the new late 18th century men’s shoes, also available in women’s sizes!

These styles also work very well for ladies, so we’re offering them all in women’s sizing as well. If you’ve been yearning for a flat pair of walking shoes and 18th century latchet shoes for working class impressions, you can purchase these styles in your normal size. Cross-dressing and cosplay also benefit from these styles.

Bertie Ladies’ Georgian Pump (1790 – 1820) – pretty little black flats with vamp tie and almond-shaped toe. These can be used for both day and evening and are a little more substantial than a basic ballet flat.

Schuyler Ladies’ 18th Century Shoes (1770 – 1820) – Georgian era flats that work for a broad time period. These close with 18th century shoe buckles, have almond toes, and sturdy leather soles.

Linden Women’s Georgian Boots (1790 – 1830) – tall Georgian boots with square toes, *tassels* and the fashionably slouchy vamp. Wear them for riding/hunting impressions, in cross-dressing, or with jeans this Fall because dayum they are that sexy. THREE calf sizes available.


Check out our entirely new line of performance-specific shoes.

New THEATRICAL collection

While we’ve often supplied historical footwear to operas, theaters, and other productions, this is our first stage-specific collection, featuring quick-rigging, flex-soles, and versatility in design. We have three offerings for our first Theatrical release…

Bernhardt Theatrical Victorian Boots – A great basic late Victorian design comes with an interior zipper paired with elastic laces for a perfect fit. You’ll find our stable and curvaceous 2.5 inch French heel paired with a generous toe box, and well-fitted ankle.

Follies T-Straps – An excellent character shoe, our open-sided t-straps have unsealed flex soles (they’re bendy!), well-balanced 2.5 inch Spanish heels, and an elastic loop on the strap to prevent stretching out. Quick-rig hooks in matching colors are available to purchase with the Follies (unfitted).

Garrick Theatrical 18th Century Shoes – Iconic Georgian style with none of the fuss. The Garricks have velcro latchets for instant on-and-off. They come ready to wear with gold slide buckles, and the ivory leather is dyeable. The Garricks have a comfortable toe box, our 2.5 inch Louis heel, and hidden elastic insets paired with unsealed flex soles for excellent danceability. Wear these incredible shoes for both performance and mobility-accessible costume shoes.

Gorgeous Garricks in black leather with gold faux buckles and Louis heels.

**All of our new theatrical shoes have unsealed leather soles. They are perfectly wearable and functional as all-the-time, off-the-stage shoes. We do recommend treating the soles with Mink Oil or having a rubber half sole applied at a shoe repair if you plan to wear them in wet conditions, though.

New REGENCY booties!

We have one new ladies-only release this season – the new Emma boots in bright red and Federal blue.

These new Regency boots are ankle-height, have round soft toes, and flat leather soles. Dress them up with rosettes on the toes, fringe around the top, you name it. These pretty little boots are perfect for c. 1800 – 1820.

New “Emma” Regency boots in blue and red – the blue are shown here with clip-on rosettes in ivory, also available in our shop!

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