A Day in the 1930s

This past Saturday, Oscar and Debbie Sessions, plus myself, volunteered to appear in a couple historic Reno homes, included in the Reno Historic Preservation Society’s second annual “Harvest of Homes” tour.

Oscar and Debbie Session, who just bought a 1920s historic home themselves, and hope to be included in the tour next year.

Debbie and I both wore 1930s, while Oscar wore his “Nucky” suit, a la “Boardwalk Empire.”

After our volunteer time was up, we toured a couple of the other beautiful homes, and at the last, the homeowner gave me a vintage 1930s hat.  GAVE it to me! How cool is that!?

This is a view of the gift hat.  It’s a lovely burnt orange color.  1930s hats are hard to find out here, for some reason, so it’s quite a treat to have this one.

That’s all.  I still haven’t been sewing.  The new 18th century shoe shipment just left The Far East today and is on its way here, so my world will be all kinds of wacko here in the next few weeks.  Until things calm down again, Adieu….

I made my dress from a pattern from the Vintage Pattern Lending Library.  There’s a bolero to go with, but I haven’t constructed it yet.  It’s a very comfy “sport” dress.


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