American Duchess “October Foxhunt” Winter Coat Official Release!!!

(Click the photo here for more views of the coat)

Remember back when I was begging you guys to vote on some clothing designs on a website called  Well one of the designs reached the #1 Most Voted slot, and was prototyped in record time, and has been released in the shop for sale!

I’m over the moon!  I worked with the Garmz team to choose a fabric (the russet wool wasn’t available), find the right fur and buttons, and bring this little sketch to a full-fledged winter coat.  It’s a nice warm tweed, with French faux fur that is removable (both collar and cuffs), and a slight Steampunk twist with the buttons.

I was inspired by 18th century riding habits, with the three big pleats in the back, and the large collar (think redingote).  I enjoyed working on this, and I hope you all enjoy the design and for those of you ordering it, enjoy wearing it!

This is the original sketch is a European shop, so they sell their items in Euros.  For us ‘Mericans, the pre-sale price is about $258, and the normal price (non-pre-sale) will be about $368, so you save quite a lot of money by ordering now, and if you’re a fashionista, you’ll be happy to know that this is a limited run, so you will own a completely original piece of clothing from an indie designer (me!).

Thank you all for voting for this design, and I’m so happy to present it to you!


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