Vintage Hats For Fun and Frivolity

Dec 6, 2010 5 comments
I thought you would like seeing some more vintage hats.  Most of these are for sale in the Boutique.  Enjoy!

Pink 1950s velvet perching hat.
Navy blue 1960s? wool felt hat.
1930s or 40s magenta wool felt, very snazzy this one :-)
1960s real mink cap, very soft and pretty.


  1. Like the pink velvet hat! And your new banner! Who is she?

  2. Is that you modeling the hats? I think you are beautiful. You remind me of J.M. Barrie's description of Mrs. Darling.

  3. Traveller - the painting is Lavinia Spencer, by Sir Joshua Reynolds, about 1780s.

    Steph, yep that's me. /blush. Now I'm embarassed, but I'm always the one who's around to pose for photos,hahaha.

  4. You have a very 1920s look in the last photo! <3


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