The Jane Austen Maxi Bra Complete

Regency underwear….I wouldn’t call it “pretty,” really.  It was definitely designed for a utilitarian purpose rather than, uh, anything else.  (this is just my opinion of course).

That being said, this should get the job done – up, together, out.  It’ll be sent off to Lauren the Silhouettist, and here’s hoping it fits.  The leopard print underneath is a C cup bra that I used to work out the sizing, etc.

It’s made of a layer of very thick canvas, and one of muslin.  It’s bound in 1/4″ double fold bias, and ties with twill tape.  I know the grommets aren’t period, but we used them to save on cost and to make this a durable piece.  There are three stays on each side, to help control side-boob issues, as well as a line of stays at the center back, and on the edges where it laces.  The straps are attached at the back and tie at the front, for adjustability.


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