The Jane Austen Maxi Bra Complete

Dec 9, 2010 7 comments

Regency underwear....I wouldn't call it "pretty," really.  It was definitely designed for a utilitarian purpose rather than, uh, anything else.  (this is just my opinion of course).

That being said, this should get the job done - up, together, out.  It'll be sent off to Lauren the Silhouettist, and here's hoping it fits.  The leopard print underneath is a C cup bra that I used to work out the sizing, etc.

It's made of a layer of very thick canvas, and one of muslin.  It's bound in 1/4" double fold bias, and ties with twill tape.  I know the grommets aren't period, but we used them to save on cost and to make this a durable piece.  There are three stays on each side, to help control side-boob issues, as well as a line of stays at the center back, and on the edges where it laces.  The straps are attached at the back and tie at the front, for adjustability.


  1. I never thought of the side boob issue! That looks fantastic.

  2. Wow! Now that is pure talent! I bet she's going to love it.
    As for the grommets, I never would have noticed, they look totally great. :D

  3. This type of Regency underwear is utalitarian for sure, but some of those fancy corded stays are another issue... :-)
    Good job!

  4. Looks like a museum piece, except the grommets I don't think I'd know the difference. Very nice!

  5. Hana, you're right, those corded stays are somethin' else. I'm scared of them, personally, lol!

    Thank you guys! I'll be sending the stays off to Lauren the Silhouettist today and we'll see how they fit. Fingers crossed. These seem a lot more precise than 18th c. stays.

  6. Adorable! I really think it's cute!


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