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Oct 10, 2010 1 comments
Special thanks to Lady Carolyn Runnells, who sent me a link to this snazzy new website, called, I think you should *all* take a look at.  It's a website for clothing designers of all ilks to upload their designs, have a vote about them, and the most popular designs will be developed into actual clothing for the retail market.  How cool is THAT!?

Naturally I had to play with it, as I've had a couple 18th and 17th c. - inspired coat designs kicking around for a bit, and I do love a new toy.  Here they are, only three so far, but if you like any of these and would love to see one as a manufactured item of clothing for sale in stores, vote for it!  Let's add a little historical lovin' to the fashion industry!

(click the images to go to the Garmz site and vote for your favorite jacket design)


  1. Thanks for your support and kind words! We really appreciate it. :)


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